The Rockagator RG-25 ORIGINAL is the best waterproof backpack for staying dry while out in the elements.  Whether you are biking, cycling, hiking, canyoneering, boating, fishing, fly fishing or any other activity where you are at the mercy of the rain, water and elements. We've got you covered!
Rockagator RG-25 GEN3 40 Liter ORIGINAL Waterproof Backpack

Rockagator RG-25 GEN3 40 Liter ORIGINAL Waterproof Backpack

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This pack is the ultimate blend of form and function.  This 3rd Generation Rockagator RG-25 waterproof backpack will keep you moving through any kind wet environment without soaking the gear that you need for the trek.  Check out the new features (internal zip pouch, carabiner loop strip and removable laptop storage pouch) that we added to the popular original RG-25!


  • Quick Submersion waterproof
  • 40 Liter Capacity
  • Floats when dropped in water (when correctly sealed)
  • Splash-proof front zipper pouch
  • Removable laptop storage pouch
  • Interior Zipper Pouch to store small items like Keys and Smartphones
  • Internal Carabiner Loop Strip so you can attach your gear inside the bag and keep it close to the top where you need it
  • 20 Kg strap strength
  • Elastic Mesh pockets on sides for storing loose items
  • Welded construction for watertight seams
  • Padded shoulder straps, back and lumbar
  • Top Carry Handle
  • Elasticized bungee

To effectively prevent moisture from quick submersion you should tightly roll the top flapat least 3 times and connect the straps in the upward position.

Rockagator RG-25 GEN3 40 Liter ORIGINAL Waterproof Backpack